Building Survey & Report


Loosely known as a 'Structural Survey', or a 'Full Survey', the professional preferred term is 'Building Survey'.

This is a visual survey, appropriate to all building types.
All parts of the building that are accessible without risking damage either to the building or to the surveyor are inspected.

We get to all parts that we can reach from the ground, floors, fixed stairways or other vantage points. We carry a 3-metre ladder, and can arrange for hire of a longer ladder, scaffold tower or cherrypicker (hire costs passed on to the client). We will open all hatches, access traps, manholes etc. that we can get to safely.

Unfortunately, we don't have X-ray eyes, and vendors don't take too kindly to us ripping their buildings apart, so there will be hidden parts that we can't get to. Even so, we're pretty good at detective work and we will tell you if we suspect any hidden problems and advise on a further course of action.

We can also arrange specialist tests of services etc. and co-ordinate a comprehensive report for you.

A Building Survey Report is 'hand-crafted' for each individual property, and discusses how the building is constructed, what condition it is now in, the reasons for any problems, and recommendations for current and future maintenance. Where appropriate outline cost estimates for repairs and maintenance are provided.

Homebuyers Survey & Report

Suitable for post 1900 houses and flats only. The inspection is similar to a Building Survey (except we wouldn't hire any specialist equipment) but the report is a much shorter 'standard form' and covers urgent and significant problems only, without the background comments, further advice and outline cost estimates of the fuller report.

Specific Building Element / Defect Inspection and Report

This inspection and report concentrates on a single issue E.g. Dampness or perhaps structural cracking. The report outlines the cause of the problem and will provide a solution, recommendation or specification for repair and cost estimate.

Generally these type of inspections and reports are tailored to the specific requirements of the client and can be as simple as a half hour visit to provide advice right through to multiple visits to diagnose and monitor specific defects.